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School App Package

iCandi Apps has devised a package to enable primary schools, secondary schools and colleges to get a presence on the App Store and communicate with parents, students and the world at a very competitive cost.

The world is constantly changing and schools and colleges need to constantly stay ahead to keep students engaged with whats going on in their educative communities and also ensure parents can easily be kept informed of the school/colleges everyday news events and important information.

The iCandi Apps Schools Package is designed to make it easy for schools to have a presence in the palm of their students hands, keep parents up to date within seconds, and impress the wider community.

This package includes the following:

- Your schools/colleges very own App on the Apple App Store for anyone to download to their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

- The app will include easily updatable and fully customisable latest news stories, school tweets, picture and video galleries, links to your school prospectus, school course information and many other options.

- The ability to remotely update the app information instantly from your own school server. We make it really easy to update pictures/videos/information within the app so any trained member of staff can do this.

- We will work with you on the project to develop and tailor it to your requirements, and also offer support to ensure the launch and use of the app is seamless.

To see some of our other projects just search for the 'St Thomas Aquinas School' app on the App Store for an example of our package, and this will give you a good idea of how this can work for your education establishment.

The new St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School App is amazing and fully met the brief I gave to Andy Weekes (iCandi Apps) at our first meeting.  I worked closely with him throughout the development of our new school app and found the process to be excellent in every respect.  From the concept, through to the design then testing, I was always kept abreast of changes and developments with all of my many requests being acted on accordingly.  I can recommend iCandi Apps to another school or company wanting to develop their methods of communication.  - Jeremy Baker, Assistant Headteacher, St Thomas Aquinas School

St Thomas Aquinas School App
Available on the App Store!

St Thomas Aquinas School App

For any enquiries on obtaining the package for your education establishment please contact Enquiries@iCandiApps.com and we will be pleased to speak to you about your customised solution.

Prices start from
£1495 (ex VAT)

Small Business Web App Package

Small Business Web App Package

New from iCandi Apps, the company behind many popular iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad applications such as Tweeterena, iHeight and iLevel, comes the perfect affordable package to get your small business noticed using cutting edge technology.

Buy our Affordable Small Business Web App Package to get your own business onto Apples iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and a worlwide mobile presence for a very reasonable cost.

The Affordable Small Business Web App Package will give you your own companies Web App that anybody with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will be able to access for free on their device via mobile Safari.
Thats a potential audience of over 100 million people!

The Affordable Small Business Web App Package will give your company:
- Email consultations with iCandi Apps development tea
- It's very own Web App built for iPhone and iPod Touch
Include links to your companies online information, for instance website/online shop/Twitter Feed/Facebook Page
- Include a flipbook of your companies products and services from photos/images you provide.
- Include a call us button so customers can make contact right from within the Web App
- Include an email button so customers can make contact right from within the Web App
- Include any artwork/company logos you give to us
- Available worldwide
- The app will be FREE for anybody to access!

Price Structure
(all in Pound Sterling however this is an international service)

The Affordable Small Business Web App Package is just that, very affordable! iCandi Apps can get you a tailored Web App designed specifically to run on the iPhone or iPod Touch for less than you ever though possible.

The price structure is very simple:


You pay half the cost before development commences and the rest of the cost upon publication. This price includes taxes.

Our aim is to get your company a Web App tailored to iOS mobile devices for the smallest possible cost. We can do this as we have our own web app templates that we have developed from our own products. You are also required to provide images of your products, your company logo etc (which are probably on your website if you have one) that you would like in the app, this again reduces costs to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are based outside of the United Kingdom will you still develop
us an app using the Affordable Small Business Web App Package?
Yes. The Affordable Small Business Web App Package is available worldwide.
We communicate mainly via e-mail which enables us to keep costs down, but
also enables us to provide this service worldwide. Just convert the prices using the current exchange rate.

What is the difference between a ‘Web App’ and a normal ‘App’?
A web app is still an application just like those on the Apple App Store however it is accessed through Safari the web browser built in to every iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It will act just like a normal app and you can even have an icon placed on users home screens to launch the web app. The only difference is it is accessed via Safari. Companies such as Facebook and Google have created web apps which automatically activate whenever someone accesses their websites via an iPhone or iPod touch.

Will my ‘Web App’ be on the Apple App Store?
Apple will not allow simple apps that promote small businesses to be published on the App Store. Instead they have provided Web Apps which act like normal apps and can even have an icon like normal apps, however they are distributed via Safari and are free for anyone to access.

How will people find my Web App?
You can promote your Web App by advertising your company website address whenever a user accesses your website via an iPhone or iPod touch they will be able to access your Web App.

Where can I see examples of Web Apps?
Just go here on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad - http://www.apple.com/webapps

Will you come and meet at my office to discuss the requirements?
We do not travel as part of the Affordable Small Business Web App Package in order to keep costs down. Instead we communicate with you via e-mail. However we will come and meet you if you really want to, but please be aware travel costs will need to be covered by your company before the meeting.

Does the package include artwork and graphic design?
No. You are expected to provide images of your products and company logo etc... For most companies this involves no work as we are able to obtain them from your website, however if you want specific images or artwork that do not exist, then you are expected to provide them.

How long will it take to develop my app from start to finish?
We work quickly! We aim to have the base development of the app completed within 2-3 days,
We will then work with you to publish the Web App to your own website or we can host it for you for a small additional fee.

Why are you the best company to develop my app?
iCandi Apps has been developing for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad ever since the App Store was launched on the iPhone in 2008. We have over 25 of our own products on the App Store, some of which have been number 1 sellers! We also developed an app for the iPad before the iPad was even launched! Please read our about section to read all about our companies accolades over the past few years.

How are you able to keep costs so low?
Due to our rare position of having over 25 of our own products available on the app store, we have used our skills and experience to develop a unique set of web application templates which we can tailor to your needs. You provide the artwork and graphics so the base of the app can be made very quickly as most of the coding has already been done.

Will I be able to charge customers for my Web App?
No. You will not be able to charge customers for the Web App, the purpose of this package is to make an App to promote your business, it is not possible to charge for it and if you did charge for it you reduce your audience.

Is there any reason why you won’t develop an app for my company?
Yes, we will not develop an app for a company which we consider to be unethical. iCandi Apps reserves the right to refuse to work with any company it chooses not to.

How can I see my app when it is finished before it is published?
We will constantly keep you up to date with screenshots of your app during the developmental process. Then upon completion we will gladly provide you with a link so you can test the Web App out on your own device before you start to publicise it to your customers.

Will I be required to sign any paperwork?
Yes. If you commission an App or Web App with us we will ask you to
electronically sign a document which outlines terms of payment, the
process involved and our terms and conditions. We ask you to do this
electronically as it is quicker and won’t hold up the development
process, it also saves on costs so we can pass the savings on to

If you would like more information or to discuss your requirements please click here to email us.