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How it Works

Getting started with Night Sky MiniScope™

Night Sky MiniScope is a small telescope designed to attach to your smart device.

Night Sky when using the Night Sky apps. Simply locate a bright object such as the Moon when using the Night Sky apps, then attach your Night Sky MiniScope to a tripod. With the supplied case, snap in your smart device, and enable MiniScope Mode to capture beautiful images directly onto your device.

Night Sky MiniScope works with the Night Sky apps from iCandi Apps®

Due to the extreme magnification of Night Sky MiniScope, images must always be taken using a tripod in conjuction with Night Sky Pro, The Night Sky or Night Sky Lite app. Take time to align your MiniScope on the tripod, and use MiniScope Remote on Apple Watch for best results.





Quick Tips

We recommend that you use the provided tripod at all times to capture the best photos. If you don’t use the tripod then you may have blurry images and they also may be out of focus. Night Sky MiniScope™ has a universal tripod screw so you are able to attach most of the 3rd party tripods to the Night Sky MiniScope™

Set Up

1 – Attach the Night Sky MiniScope to the supplied tripod by screwing the tripod onto the hole
      at the bottom of the MiniScope support ring.

2 – Screw the end of the Night Sky MiniScope on to the supplied smart device case.
      (Do not over tighten the MiniScope as it may damage the connection with the case)

3 – Remove the lens caps from both ends of the Night Sky MiniScope.

4 – After identifying an object in the Night Sky app, launch Night Sky MiniScope mode by
      tapping the MiniScope button in the Night app.

5 – Place your smart device into the case which is attached to the Night Sky MiniScope, and
      align Night Sky MiniScope to the object you wish to photograph.

6 – Adjust the focus on the Night Sky MiniScope by twisting the end of the MiniScope until
      the object appears in focus.

7 – Take a photograph of the object by following the instructions in the Night Sky app.