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Night Sky is a magical stargazing app that enables you to identify the stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites in the Night Sky above. Simply point your device towards the sky and Night Sky will display the names of the stars, planets and other objects you are able to see, just like magic! Even if clouds or sunlight are obscuring your sky, Night Sky will know which stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and satellites are hiding from your view. A truly magical experience!


Start Night Sky by tapping the icon on your device home screen:

Once the app has launched hold your device toward the sky and watch as the celestial bodies appear on your screen. If you are using an iPod touch, simply swipe your fingers across the display until the generated sky matches the actual sky above you, then tap ‘Finish Calibrate’. Automatic sky tracking will then be enabled.

User Interface Controls:

Light Spectrum Selector:

Simply long press anywhere in Sky View and a colorful light spectrum swatch appears. Simply rotate the swatch then release to allow the selected light spectrum to flood across the sky. Light in Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infra-red, Gamma-rays, X-rays, Visible Light, or Ultraviolet spectrums will reveal skies you’ve never seen before.

Space Travel:

Simply swipe up from the bottom of Sky View to be presented with Space Travel. You can scroll through the year, month, day, hour or minutes to select the time you would like to travel to. Sky View will then automatically adjust to that time! To travel back to the present day, simply tap the circular return arrow that will bring you back to today.

Light Pollution Simulator:

Simply place 2 fingers anywhere in Sky View and move them up or down to increase or decrease star density. This will simulate different types of sky based on light pollution, from an Inner City sky to an Excellent Dark Site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

iOS Devices

The sky does not line up when I use my iPhone or iPad.

You must make sure that Night Sky has access to your location. You can do this by going into your device settings, then going to privacy. Then make sure Location Services are ON. Then scroll down to the Night Sky app and make sure it has access to your location by tapping the Night Sky option then selecting ‘While Using the App’. Night Sky uses your location data simply to orient your sky view; the apps never share your location data without you knowing.

If you still have problems after ensuring the app has access to your location, restarting Night Sky will take a new reading from your devices compass and the inbuilt gyroscope to enable super smooth sky tracking. If your compass had interference when the app launched this will mean the gyroscope received incorrect data. To correct this problem, simply re-launch Night Sky 4 on your device again, by tapping the Home button then tapping the icon. This will refresh the data from the compass. Please ensure you are free from interference and also that you are not using a case on your device as this can interfere with the compass readings.

Do I require a Cellular data or Wi-Fi connection to use the all new Night Sky apps?

No! Once you have downloaded Night Sky, you are all set to go! Night Sky will function anywhere with or without a connection. Night Sky will occasionally use a connection to update satellite data, however it will do this discreetly and does not require a connection to function. (Night Sky Stargazing Conditions, Night Sky Tonight and Night Sky Latest News features will require an Internet connection to function. The core functionality of the Night Sky does not need an Internet connection.)

I have the right hardware but my location tracking isn’t working or is acting unexpectedly…

Firstly, please ensure you are not using a third party case on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. If you are these can affect the accuracy of the compass readings considerably. We recommend removing all cases from your device while using Night Sky for accurate performance of the app. If you are using an iPod touch please tap the ‘Calibrate’ button and recalibrate. If you are using the iPhone or iPad, ensure the location services are enabled on your device, and permission has been given to Night Sky to use location services by doing the following:

• Go into your device’s main ‘Settings’ from the home screen.
• Then go to ‘Location Services’ and ensure ‘Location Services’ are ON. Then scroll down and also ensure Night Sky location services are ON.
• After ensuring the ‘Location Services’ for Night Sky are set to ON, scroll to the bottom of the ‘Location Services’ section, then tap ‘System Services’. Within ‘System Services’ ensure that ‘Compass Calibration’ and ‘Setting Time Zone’ are both set to ON.
• Once you have taken these steps try launching Night Sky again.

Why do I see most of the satellites below me in Sky View mode?

While in Sky View mode you will appear to see more satellites below than above you because Night Sky is configured to only show you your visible sky while holding your device to the sky above you. Your visible sky is quite a small proportion of the sky in your hemisphere therefore you will not see all the satellites at once. When you point your device downwards Night Sky creates a full view of the sky and the hemisphere of the Earth below you. Therefore it appears that there are more satellites below you than above you. This is accurate, even though it will appear that many satellites are congregating below you.

Further Help and Information:

If you need any more help or information for using Night Sky, please email: and we will endeavor to respond to your query within 48 hours.

Technical Requirements:

For Night Sky

Hardware iPad (iPad Air / iPad mini 2 or above)
iPhone (iPhone 5s or above)
iPod touch (6th Generation or above)
Apple Watch (All Models – Series 5 or above for auto calibration)
Apple TV (4th Generation or above)
Software iOS 11.0 watchOS 3 tvOS 10 (or later)